Prosperity Bracelet - Sterling Silver

  • $ 100.00
The Prosperity Bracelet is a playful accessory made in 925 sterling silver, featuring seven diamond cut platinum micron finished faceted beads, symbolic of success in all your endeavors. Strung on an Aire hand woven silk cord, it is a perfect treat for yourself or a great gift for someone else. A token of prosperity, it may be worn in your favorite color or stacked in a prism of colors to reflect your country's flag,  your favorite sports team,  or any meaningful color combinations.  

  • Strung on an Aire woven cord
  • Lustrous diamond-cut high gloss platinum coated 925 sterling silver faceted beads
  • Simple yet elegant
  • May be worn alone or stacked
  • Seven diamond cut platinum coated sterling silver beads symbolic of success in all your endeavors
  • Includes an exclusive "I Prosper" tag
  • Unisex
  • Made in the USA