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About Chris Aire (Press / Media)

Chris Aire is at the pinnacle of luxury craftsmanship, captivating a discerning clientele with over 30 years of timeless elegance. As the mastermind behind the renowned RED GOLD® brand, he has reshaped the industry landscape with his boundless innovation. From his iconic timepieces to bespoke jewelry collections, each creation embodies a fusion of artistry and sophistication.

Born in Africa, Chris Aire's journey to success is as inspiring as his creations. Arriving in the United States as a teen, he navigated challenges with resilience, working tirelessly to pursue his passion. His breakthrough came when he seized the opportunity to delve into jewelry design, igniting a lifelong pursuit of excellence.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a mere $5,000 investment, Chris Aire embarked on a quest to redefine luxury. His perseverance paid off when NBA legend Gary Payton endorsed his creations, propelling him into the spotlight of celebrity circles and beyond. The introduction of his Signature RED GOLD® collection in 1988 marked a turning point, capturing the essence of masculine allure and setting new standards of prestige.

Chris Aire's impact transcends the boundaries of conventional jewelry design. From dazzling runways at New York Fashion Week to adorning icons like Naomi Campbell and May Andersen in the legendary $41 million dollar bejeweled dress, his visionary creations continue to leave an indelible mark on the world of luxury. With unwavering dedication and a commitment to excellence, Chris Aire's legacy is poised to ascend to even greater heights in the realm of opulence.