Talent and innovation crowns Chris Aire as one of the most important jewelers of our time.

The most distinguished jewelry and watch designers worldwide, Chris Aire has been dazzling his loyal clientele for over 30 years with his timeless range of finely crafted products. As creator of the widely acclaimed RED GOLD® brand, he has demonstrated an inexhaustible capacity for innovation, changing the trajectory of the watch and jewelry business in the process. Chris Aire timepieces, like his jewelry collections, are highly coveted among tastemakers around the globe, and each new series—such as the latest Parlay—reaches new heights in design and craftsmanship.

But the jeweler’s rise to the top wasn’t always easy.

The Nigerian-born Aire moved to the United States as a teen, attending college in California. He worked full time at a restaurant to make ends meet and slept in his rusty old BMW. After a post-college foray into music and acting, a friend’s father gave him his first opportunity at what would become his life’s work: jewelry. Aire discovered a strong interest in beautiful gemstones and intricate artistry, matched by an aptitude for developing both to their fullest potential.

After six years working as a jeweler’s apprentice, Aire used his lifesavings of $5,000 to create a few design prototypes of his own. He set up shop at various hot spots around Los Angeles, hoping to engage the interest of a high-profile “dream clientele.” His big break occurred when basketball legend Gary Payton ordered a platinum basketball pendant and some charms and bracelets for his crew.

Soon after, Aire became the go-to jeweler for the NBA’s most notable stars, the film industry’s A-list and watch and luxury aficionados around the world. These influencers were enthralled by his signature dog tag pendants, bespoke commissions and, of course, his impeccably crafted watches, as well as his now-legendary RED GOLD®.

Aire introduced his RED GOLD® collection in 1988, which demonstrated his intuitive understanding of his male clientele. He knew they would resonate to the more masculine sounding “red gold” in reference to his products rather than the traditional “rose gold,” and he was correct: the collection exponentially expanded his business. In 2003, he officially trademarked the term and continued to produce watches and jewelry under this mark. Aire has repeatedly and successfully defended RED GOLD® over the years against brands that have sought to emulate his revolutionary accomplishment.

Aire once again made history, in 2004, when he became the first jeweler to stage a runway show of his jewelry in New York during Fashion Week. Supermodel Naomi Campbell walked his first show in a diamond halter, followed by May Andersen in 2006, who wore a $41 million bejeweled dress.

With a focus on sourcing and selling conflict-free gems, many from mines in which he is personally invested in Africa, and with a goal of eliminating child labor in the mining industry in his home country, Aire has clearly built his business on his own conscience and his innate talent. He puts his heart and soul into everything he creates, which has gained him a trusting and loyal fan base.

“Luxury is the ultimate privilege” - Chris Aire

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