We are an exclusive luxury brand and help people express themselves in their most unique way. We provide exceptional personalized offline and online shopping experiences to discerning customers worldwide and elicit their loyalty through bespoke designs, elevated curation with a tailor-made service.

Humbling. I know it's all by grace. I never take it for granted, which is why I keep working and challenging myself six days a week always endeavoring to do better than the previous day.

The Divine influences me through art, music, culture, dreams, imagination and nature.  Of course our clients also play a large role
in inspiring me to always create pieces that reflect their needs.

Believing in a higher power. The ability to see things before their physical manifestation. I see the world from a personal perspective and embrace things many people miss or take for granted. All of our pieces embody this uniqueness. They are created meticulously with attention to detail, making each piece inimitable. This energy resonates with our clients, coupled with our business motto, "CAF" (customers are family). We treat them with the utmost care and respect, which keeps them returning.

They have influenced
the industry in a significant way. Over-sized watches and jewelry, aka "Bling," were at one point taboo, but today they are mainstream and have generated billions of dollars in additional revenue for the entire industry. Our Red Gold  ® label was a game changer for branding in the watch and jewelry industry. We've influenced how some older brands approach marketing and subsequently increased the world's rose gold and pink gold sales.

Like every important thing, it took a lot of effort and resources, from concept to creation and marketing. We started the brand in late 1988 and painstakingly worked to create awareness for almost a decade with limited financial resources. It was not until early 2000 that we hit a tipping point with celebrities embracing the brand.  Subsequently we had the ability to invest more money into marketing and promotion which created a loyal fan-base.

We have been very fortunate with our red carpet fans who include 
LL Cool J, Shaggy. Dr. Dre, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Angelina olie, Regina King, Ellen Degeneres  and Client Eastwood to mention but a few.

We are all connected to one another and the environment. This is a belief I hold dear to my heart. It is evident in everything we do.

We are involved in charitable work in Africa in the area of education and provision of clean water and in the United States through our non-profit, the Aire For Life Foundation. The foundation strives to help communities by empowering them through art.

Absolutely. I spent most of my formative years in Africa, so the culture is ingrained in me. I learned invaluable lessons about who I am and my relationship with the world. It exposed me to natural beauty, incredible art, music, and discipline. These lessons inspire everything I do.

We are expanding our online presence and hope to serve people worldwide through a hybrid approach that includes virtual and live interactions. Covid 19 changed how the world conducts business, and we want to adapt to the changing business environment.