Prosperity Bracelet - 14K Amber Hue Gold Beaded Bracelet - Red Gold®

  • $ 600.00

The Prosperity Bracelet is a charming accessory made in 925 sterling silver. It features seven diamond cut platinum micron finished 925 sterling silver beads with a round dangling "I prosper" tag. A constant affirmation of success in all your endeavors. Strung on an Aire handwoven silk cord, it is a perfect treat for yourself or an excellent gift for someone else as a token of prosperity. It can be worn in your favorite color or stacked in a prism of colors to reflect your country's flag, favorite sports team, or any color combinations.


  • Strung on a black Aire woven silk chord 
  • Lustrous diamond-cut high gloss faceted beads
  • Signature RED GOLD® Collection. It's simple and elegant.
  • It May be worn alone or stacked.
  • Seven 14K amber hue gold bead symbolic of prosperity in all your, Seven is the number of completion. A fantastic gift or self-purchase.
  • Made in the USA